Facebook Ads-compressed

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the first choice of every business when leveraging social media for business. Facebook by far is the biggest social media portal on planet. With 1.59 billion active monthly users it clearly dominates the space. Almost Everyone today is on Facebook and so are your potential clients/ customers. But, reaching them is not that easy due to the recent changes made by Facebook in its algorithm. Facebook now limits your per post reach to which Facebook Ads is a solution. With Facebook Ads

  • You save a huge amount of money as it starts with less that a dollar per day
  • You have the flexibility of promoting your business, website, Fan page or posts.
  • You can target your ads to a specific group of people
  • You reach targeted mobile users too
  • You have Facebook insights to measure/ track your ads performance
  • You have the creative control as you are able to avoid Ad fatigue
  • You gain an edge over your competitors.