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Find A Co-Founder

Finding a and having a Co-Founder for your business is regarded as one the many important decisions you make to operate your business. You are all set to start your business or you may have already started your business and you are keen on expanding it and reaching new horizons. To enable you to do so you need a team, a guy you can team up with. A guy who shares the same vision as you do. This is where a Co-Founder comes in handy.

You usually see a Co-Founder in you friend or in your relatives. Initially they all are excited and so are you but when the reality hits you hard only then you understand that, this is not meant for everyone and anyone. But, by then it’s too late. Finding the right Co-Founder is as essential as any other thing in your business. Finding a Co-Founder is a one shot game, so you better make it right.
A Co-Founder comes with a certain skill set profitable for your business.
You are at your best as now you have to stick to your core competencies.
You no longer have to manage everything own your own.
These are very few of many advantages which we are sure you might be know to.

Now, how do you find the right Co-Founder? There are a lot of elements that you are compelled to consider before you hire a Co-Founder such as

What is the background of the person?

When you are hiring a Co-Founder, it’s of utmost importance that you know something about their background. This may be their last employment, any social activities or may some cause they support.
What are their business interests?
This is crucial. You need to know what is their business interest, if they are in sync with your’s. There is no point in you pointing east and your Co-Founder pointing South.

Does that person share or have the same vision as you do?

Businesses have a vision and so do you. And every action or decision you make is in the favour of your business’s vision. A Co-Founder has to have a vision which supports yours.
How good are their previous work records?
It’s of no use to have a lousy Co-Founder. You have them thinking they will share your work load but instead they become the reason of increase in your work load. A Co-Founder should always be on their toes, ready to stand besides you to face any and every challenge.

What is their qualification and are they eligible?

Qualification is the base of everything and it is important to have a strong base. A person show have a sound knowledge about tasks they are expected to perform at.
Do they have a sound knowledge about your business vertical?
Many people are ambitious enough to get into booming business verticals although they know very little knowledge about it. People with right knowledge, ambition and vision are the ones who make it to become a good Co-Founders.

Now, you probably won’t have enough time to scrutinize all of the above and if you start your quest to find a good Co-Founder on your own, then your business might suffer. So, to help you get right people we are here to help you.