When you have a feasible business plan ready for your startup and you are very certain about how much funds you would require and what it will be used for, it is the right time to initiate search for investors.


Remember that you may need to pitch your startup idea to hundreds of investors before you find the right one for your startup. So, what are the ways you could you could use to connect with the right investors.

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Startup Launch Platforms

Companies have launched unique platforms that serve information, research, and assistance with all aspects of getting a business launched, including ways to connect with investors. There are numerous companies who are providing a convenient channel for locating investors in an efficient way.

Angel Network

You can find that angel investors who not only will invest in your start-up, but will also sit on your shoulder, offering mentorship, solid advice, and provide access to their network of contacts. There are a lot of portals available which provide information about investors. You could initiate your quest using valuable information from such portals.


Your startup is your thing, and you want it to grow and flourish, so associating your startup with an incubator or accelerator provides you a whole host of investor resources. These investors are primarily interested in taking on a bigger role to help turn your idea into a feasible business model as well as provide the funding sources to make it happen.

These incubators and accelerators even offer a physical space to set up your office and operate your business, making it easy to work with you directly. Since space within the same building is also being used by other start-ups, this is a great platform to exchange ideas and grow together.

Social Networking Sites

Linkedin is a platform which is still evident to look out for investors, numerous professional social networking sites have launched that can help connect you with all types of investors across all industry specializations and business segments. Many of these new professional social networking sites even connect you with investors from other countries who want to participate in the global business environment and often bring your product or service to their part of the world.

Equity Firms

If other things don’t work for you there is always a traditional way to seek funding. Private equity firms give you access to everything from a few thousand to millions in investment, primarily to those startups considered to be in the early stage with great growth potential across a wide range of industries. The objective of private equity firm is to sell their stake a few years after investment to harvest significant profit from investing in your start-up.

Personal Marketing

Searching investors via the channels mentioned here is always an option, but you can also aid them discover you through a planned personal marketing effort. This means putting yourself out there where investors can find you, including a website, social networking sites, guest posts on established blogs and personal blog posts, conversations on Quora, and traditional media outlets.

Don’t be disheartened if you are not flooded with investment offers or if your proposal rejected. Try again because it just means you haven’t discovered the right investor who aligns with your business needs. Stop now and you may never find right investor that aligns with your needs.