Marketing Truths Every Startup Must Know



If you ask 10 identical entrepreneurs about marketing you will in return receive 10 distinct answers or definitions. Why is that? Why is marketing so daunting to pin down?


Apparently because most entrepreneurs or marketers don’t understand it themselves. Marketing as some compelling elements (in this article called as truths) that every entrepreneur or marketer must know about.

Brands Always Win

Numerous experts thought e-commerce would level it up for the small business and cede branding irrelevant for all. Not only has that not occurred, but you can make a case for the opposite being evident. Some say, “Coca-Cola does not win the taste test. Microsoft does not have the best operating system. Brands win.” Big brands like Apple, Google, Coca Cola, IBM and Microsoft have never been more powerful. Which makes you go thinking about the power of branding.

Marketing Is About Reinventing

Some individuals are great inventors. They come up with brilliant concepts/ ideas that nobody’s ever thought of thinking about. But great marketers gravitate to be innovators who turn inventions into elements that people can use. Marketing flourishes on reusing ideas in new ways.

Marketing Is Like Having Sex. Everyone Thinks They Are Good At It

There are more hypocrites in marketing than in any other domain, apparently because the demand is strong, the supply is weak, and it’s easy to fake. Just babbling and no action means nothing but downfall in marketing.

It’s About Understanding People

It’s about understanding what customers actually want, sometimes ahead of time than they know it themselves. If you possess a natural talent of that sort of thing, trust your gut. Be your own army of one. And when you are thinking of marketer as nebulous virtual entities, understand that, even in the B2B world, every product is purchased by a human being in the real world.

The truth is that great marketers are few. Which raises the question, who exactly are you trusting the most important aspect of your business to? Something for you to think about.