The Game Of Investments

Startup Pitch

Startup Pitch

I recon the game of investments as similar as a gladiator’s bout. Everyone is at brawl with just one motto in their minds, getting funded.

Damn sure to operate and scale up a business you surely do need money. But, as painful it is to accept, it’s not for everyone.

Ever wondered why only a few startups get what they seek. They abide by the laws. Yes! There are a few of them which if practiced can to good to you too. These are some things an investor is more keen of. They love it in an entrepreneur and now it’s no secret anymore.

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I am sure you must have heard that “First impression is the last impression”. This old saying comes into play everywhere. How you represent yourself counts a lot to the investors.

Your appearance, your body language can tell everything about you. This is the first stage where investors start judging a candidate. So, along with working on your business deck, do pay attention to your representation skills as well to conquer the attention of the investors in one go.


What tone you speak define what kind of an entrepreneur you are. Work on your tone. When demonstrating your business idea to the investors maintain a tone of confidence. Do not chicken out when questions are raised. Face them like a tiger. Always think of what you are speaking. Never furnish vague answers to investors. And when doing all this stay motivated and maintain the your confidence.

Marketing Plan

You explained your business idea, the problem, the solution and your product/ service to the invention. Now, is the time to rock the dais with your marketing plan. You sure have to present an astonishing marketing plan. Let them know how you plan to beat your competition at marketing, what plans do you have for customer acquisition and cost are you ready to infuse to get it right.


This is what they were waiting for. To understand how they are going be reimbursed for their investments. Briefly describe your plan. What you plan to do with the investments, what is your plan of generating income, how soon are you expecting it. Mix it up with some forecasts that you can justify. Believe, if you nail it you are almost there.

Define Your Requirements

Define your requirement properly. Let them know how much funding you seek and what are you planning to do with it. Investors like entrepreneurs who are open enough to ask for what they seek. If you are certain about your plan then don’t be shy and don’t settle for any less. When you create value and are able to convey it to the investors, they will more than happy to invest in you and you concept.

Putting Money From Your Pocket

When you already have an operational business, then present your stats. If you ever invested money from your pocket, you need to ensure that you make it known. Investors love entrepreneurs who have invester from their pockets. This conveys that you are ready for whatever it takes and are confident enough about you concept.

Stats, Milestones And Press

Spice up your business deck with stats and forecasts. If you have achieved many milestones, then ensure you incorporate them in your business deck and also mention if you received any press coverage lately.

Ensure all of the above is aligned but never forget that it’s not a demo of your business idea, product or service. Make the session interactive. Encourage investors to raise questions as this will tell you how engaging and interesting you were.