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Startup Technology

Startup Technology

With increase in number of startups and small businesses in the market, there is a substantial increase in the number of demand for technology too, as today every business relies on the wit of tech.

With that said, it reminds me of asking you the question “Are you leveraging enough technology or the right technology for your business”?

If you are a techie no problems then, but it you are not, then things get serious. You need to careful, watchful and thoughtful when electing a technology to leverage for your business. And with rapid innovations in technology it’s really laborious for entrepreneurs to keep up at that extensive pace and manage the business at the same time. But, not to worry there are few things that you can do to keep up and elect what’s right.

Define Your Concept

The first stepping stone of any business today. Determine what your concept is and which is the best possible platform to be leveraged for your concept. Get this right, you already have half the battle.

Think for instance about a food delivery startup. Just stick to the basics of the business. Now, scrutinize what needs to be leveraged by such a startup? You have your answer, don’t you? Yes! To start of with, this startup can leverage a responsive web appearance and a mobile app on Android platform along with a well oriented admin access.

Choosing What’s Needed

Now, you have the idea of what your concept it and what possibly and achieve it. During this stage you analyse what you can leverage to achieve the determined. For instance when strategizing for web, today we are encompassed with numerous options to choose from. But, select the one which is required, offers great flexibility, security, easy to understand and also is value for money. With current currents, Php, Node.js or Angular.js wouldn’t be a bad bet.


Probably the best of all. I personally regard design as the 1st element to brainstorm upon. As difficult it is, as it’s easy. I know that’s contradicting, but if you understand the beauty of design then it will be simple.

Always, remember KISS (keep it simple silly). The designs should be uniform. Never go with the flashy stuff as it will keep your products and services aways from the eyeballs. Design keeps on changing and evolving too similar as technology. So, to keep up just follow the trends and mix it up with your personal touch.
Have large text and a viewer friendly fonts to enable people to scan you contant. Leave good spaces between paragraphs and try not to fade it with background. They should compliment each other and not eliminate each other.

Leverage Cloud

Startapreneurs have this misconception that clod is meant for large corporations. But, that’s not the case. It is one thing that gives you what you need which once was thought to be accessible only be business giants.
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Have A Mentor Or A Consultant

This is especially for non techies. Having a mentor or a consultant is of great advantage for non techie entrepreneurs. A mentor or a consultant will analyse the things you can’t imagine about and come up with optimal solutions. This will reduce you stress of analysing and spotting the right tech. Also, as the consultant and mentors sprint with the industry, they know what is trending and has future potential so as to keep you in the league.

You, me or anybody is at their best when doing activities which fall under their core competencies. So, leave things out your league for good.

Hire A CTO

There will come a time when all the elements listed above will seem almost impossible to be governed by a single person and also manage the business at the same time. To overcome that hurdle businesses today hire CTOs. Now, no longer do you need to worry as you have appointed a person who is  responsible and answerable to anything and everything when it comes to tech.

Large number of startup fall prey to dreadful choices especially when it’s about technology. But, with a systematic and well tailored approach that can be handled. The only question remaining now it are you ready?

Hope this article was helpful.