Twitter Ads-compressed

Twitter Ads

Twitter is the second most prominent social network on planet with 305 million active monthly users. Twitter is a great call to action social media. People on twitter are always watching out for something of their interest or something that might help them in some or the other way. This make it a vital platform for business to analyse and reach their target audience. With Twitter Ads things you can do a lot of stuff that will aid you business such as

  • With promoted tweet you ensure that your tweet is displayed prominently at the top of your follower’s feed
  • Attract new followers with promoted tweets
  • Define the geographic locations in which your tweets are displayed
  • Target followers on the basis of devices and platforms they use
  • Using promoted trends you can develop a trend or a hashtag and stir some buzz
  • TV targeting: This is by far the best thing. TV Targeted ads are ads that take this context into consideration. Want to tie a promotion into a show that’s airing? Run an ad that’s context sensitive. When the episode airs, your ad will jump into high gear, displaying itself only to people tweeting about the show. It’s an automatic and highly refined audience, and it’s honestly really cool.