How To Position Your Business?



The first step is to write a positioning statement. This statement appeals to your clients and prospects how you want to be recognized in the marketplace.


It explains them the benefits of doing business with you and why the value you’ll provide them is unique.

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Before you begin formulating your statement, you must identify the following key elements of your business:

Core Value Proposal

A core value proposal is the major selling point — the ultimate advantage — that a product or company offers. In business it’s usually referred as ROI.

Unique Selling Point

USP’s are the strongly communicated benefit to the customer. A USP is a unique advantage that differentiates you from your competition.


Positioning arbitrates what kind of customer your product will appeal to vs. what segment of market your competitors are aiming at. It also analyses your product to the competition in terms of quality, features, design, price, and service.
Let’s see a general sample for writing a positioning statement:

[Your service type] for [Your ideal client type] that need/want to [the problem you solve and why your solution is different]

Don’t forget, your positioning statement should aim on what you do, whom you do it for, and the unique benefit for your clients. Focus on just one promise.