Things To Learn From The Wolf Of Wall Street

Business Lesson Startup0KM

Business Lesson Startup0KM

“The Wolf Of Wall Street” the one and only element that does justice to the statement “Never Give Up”. Whatever Jordan Belfort did he did it in style and the way he envisioned it.


I am sure that we all have seen “The Wolf Of Wall Street” at least once and I am damn sure that we all were very inspired and motivated by it.

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Well startups need such motivation and inspirations to be what they want to be. So, let’s learn a few things from the Wolfie itself that can help you be what you want to be.

Path Does Not Matter If It Gets The Job Done

Whatever Jordan did, he did it his way. Don’t be scared to do things your way. Originality is what separates you from the common. When running a race, finishing first is just the position but how you run the race is up to you. When you plan to do things your own way always have your eyes on the prize and evaluate the path you are choosing gets the job done for you.


Term ABC stands for “Always Be Closing”. This can very well go for your sales team. Being Persistent was the magic wand of Jordan Belfort. No matter what always be closing. The famous quote “I will not hang up until the customer buys or dies” is highly inspiring. I know not everyone can be Jordan or Don Corleonesbut if you put in efforts in the right direction things will seem to happen for you.

Always Keep Your Team Happy

Your team is what makes your company. So, pay special attention towards your team. A group of people that plays their role or plays the role they are happy with is critical to form a good team. Compile a team of people who are ready to run an extra mile for you and understand work is no fun without play.

You Wanna Be Rich? Then Forget Rules

It is not mandatory that everyone should play by the book. But when you do things your way analyze that the prize weighs more than the risk, only then it will be fun. When you plan to play your way always remember to do your homework or else you will be nowhere to be found.

Dress For Success

Dress up as if you are going to nail it everytime you do it. This will improve your self-esteem.
There is a huge list of what you can learn from “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. I would like to sum it up by a very special by Jordan Belfort “THE ONLY THING THAT STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR DREAMS IS THE BULLSHIT STORY YOU KEEP TELLING TO YOURSELF AS TO WHY YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE IT”.